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JWT Amsterdam and Nukuhiva introduce: The Traceable Coat Hanger

Nukuhiva, is a store concept by a.o. Floortje Dessing, for fashion labels that produce their clothes with respect for mankind and nature. The store is now challenging fashion influencers to discover where their clothes came from with ‘The Traceable Coat Hanger’. The first coat hanger to set an example, by allowing you to find out exactly where it came from. Coordinates of where the tree stood are engraved on the wooden hanger. In partnership with Stadshout Amsterdam, the wood of the tree is registered: the location of the tree, the species, and when it fell down, or was cut down.

The Traceable Coat Hanger
The fair trade store Nukuhiva wants to change the way the garment industry operates. Nukuhiva is always open and honest about where their clothes come from, how they are produced, and by who. Because Nukuhiva only sells clothes from fashion brands that have one thing in common; they produce their clothes in the fairest way possible, with respect for the people who make the clothes.But a small shop can’t change the world alone. Co-owner Guido Keff: “That’s why we challenge all the major fashion bloggers and influencers to become more aware of where the clothes they wear and write about come from”.

Nukuhiva is doing this with the ‘The Traceable Coat Hanger’.These coat hangers, produced in partnership with the Amsterdam-based initiative Stadshout. Each has their own unique coordinates which refer to the exact location of the tree which the coat hangers were made of. By entering the coordinates on a dedicated Nukuhiva website (, the fashion bloggers can discover the story behind the coat hanger; like where the tree was located, what species it was, and when and why it fell down, or was cut down. By challenging the fashion influencers to discover the story behind the coat hanger, we also encouraged them to discover the story behind their clothes.

Constant reminder
Floortje Dessing: “Nukuhiva’s aim is for the coat hangers to make their way into the wardrobes of all the online fashionistas, and to become a constant reminder to always think about where their clothes come from. So they can keep reminding others.

About Nukuhiva:
Hip, stylish, fair trade and durable: that’s what Nukuhiva is all about. Nukuhiva consciously chooses fashion labels that produce their merchandise with respect to man and nature. We select fair trade brands that make their clothes with durability as their main guideline. Most of our clothing is made of organic cotton, hemp, recycled materials or other natural raw materials.

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