Unique behind the scenes footage ING What’s It Going To Be?

Super excited kids reenacting their own World Cup tournament

During the WC, fever pitch for the love of football rises to unprecedented heights in Holland. Suddenly the country transforms into a nation of 17 million ‘football experts’. The question on everyone’s lips, before and during the tournament, and up until the final whistle is blown, is always ‘What’s It Going To Be?’. At www.watgaathetworden.nl everyone can share their answer to that question and predict all the WC matches.

For the shoot of the commercials for this campaign, ING, together with JWT Amsterdam, traveled to the promised land of football: Brazil. In the spring of 2014 they organized a mini WC for all of the children in the flavela Tijuaçu in Rio de Janeiro, but it became so much more than that: all the children, their friends, family and neighbors were over excited and did their utmost best to reenact the World Cup.

Check out the unique behind the scenes and see for yourself how the kids “ love to be on TV doing the thing you like most: playing football” and “ having so much fun after school”.

It will be more than just a good memory for this favela, since ING has renovated not only the football field on which the children play in the shoot, but in accordance with everyone in the favela, ING also renovated the local children’s daycare center. ING also has started a collaboration with UNICEF for an educational project in Brazil in the 12 playing cities of the WC. The focus of this project is access to education for children, especially handicapped children who are dealing with socially outcasted. ING Brazil will guarantee the continuity of this specially developed project once the WC is over.  

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