Kit Kat “Have a seat”

To celebrate the launch of the new #AndroidKitKat, we gave people the chance to win a Nexus 7 tablet the Kit Kat way – by simply having a break.

On Wednesday September 11th Kit Kat started the “Have a seat” campaign in order to promote the new partnership between Google and Kit Kat and the launch of Google's latest mobile operating system "Android Kit Kat".

The creators of the world’s most popular mobile platform have teamed up with the world’s biggest food and beverage company to name the next release of the platform ‘Android Kit Kat’. To celebrate this collaboration, JWT Amsterdam created a campaign, which fits seamlessly with both brands.

Together with Kit Kat we placed special outdoor ads at various locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Then from Wednesday, September 11th to Saturday, September 14th we simply invited people to have a break, by sitting on the special bench we’d placed on the ad. Anyone who was having this special break at the given moment on Saturday, September 14th, won a new Nexus 7 tablet.

The campaign was a great success! Participants where offered money to hand over their spots, café owners and passers offered participants coffee to stay warm and lots of bystanders watched our delivery guy handing over their well deserved new Nexus 7 tablet on September 17th.

"At one point I got offered €190, - in exchange for leaving my spot, but I refused. I saw it as a personal challenge to take a break from 3AM to 2:07PM!" Karim, winner in Amsterdam
"As an ultimate preparation I didn't take any food or drinks twelve hours prior my break, because of this way I was able to prevent going to the toilet." Amir, winner in Utrecht
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