Kit Kat Free No-WiFi Zone

Have a break, have no WiFi.

The world is becoming one big WiFi zone. WiFi is available in bars, restaurants, trains, airports, supermarkets, etc. There’s even WiFi on Mount Everest. Result? People are constantly online. Time for a break. So we created a Free No-WiFi Zone. In a radius of 5 meters, we blocked all signals so people could escape e-mails, updates, likes and other digital distractions. Instead, they could enjoy a good old newspaper. Some even had a genuine conversation. While munching on a Kit Kat of course.

The Free No-WiFi Zone was placed on different busy locations in Amsterdam. And although we gave people a short and sweet little break from their digital lives, we’ve noticed that the idea has started conversation about the possibility and desire for places where you can disconnect.

About J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

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