Light up your fireplace

Arson has never been so fun.

The series of 5 paraffin blocks, available in matching box, contain 5 cityscapes of the ‘Greatest Fires in History’. Now you too can watch as Rome burns, or should you prefer, Tokyo, Chicago, London, or San Francisco. And whilst back in the year 66 AD, Rome burned for 6 long days. You can have it burned to ashes in just 3 hours. Whilst enjoying a good book and a fine glass of wine. Arson has never been so fun.

A warm fire brings light and atmosphere to dark days. But the paraffin blocks that people currently put in their fireplace add nothing to this atmosphere. In fact they are downright ugly. Bright yellow or orange and with no concept at all. So we decided to change that, by developing new packaging. Making them not only a thing of beauty inside the fireplace but outside it too. 

We currently working on the development of this ‘Greatest Fires in History' serie and have some great ideas for future series. Pease follow us on Twitter/Facebook, or send an email to in case your interested.

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