JWT Amsterdam’s new campaign for PLUS Supermarkets is a feel-good love story

Amsterdam, 4 Feb 2019 - It’s almost a cliché that the first few months of the year are devoted to health, wellness and the idea that less is more. However J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam manages to give this old trope a new twist in the agency’s new film for PLUS Supermarkets, ‘Eat Well. Live Well.’


The film is told through the eyes of a long-term couple, which despite numerous years together and obvious affection, start living separate lives. The woman watches her husband closely, as he does all he can to stay fit. He seems to be obsessed by a new – and somewhat suspiciously healthy lifestyle… He stops eating his normal meals, fills up on fruit and vegetables instead - and is constantly checking his weight, jogging and spending time boxing at the gym. After all these years together, his wife suspects an affair.

However the twist comes at the end, when her suspicions are proven wrong all along…


Watch the commercial here:

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"Food and especially good food is a fascinating space for storytelling. There is so much history, so many traditions - and especially so many emotions - around food. Sometimes sad, like in our last Christmas commercial for PLUS Supermarkets, but sometimes also uplifting, like in our film from last summer featuring a Syrian boy learning about the Netherlands through its traditional dishes.  And now we reflect on food's role in a relationship – and how eating well can have a profound effect on your life and happiness.” 

Bas Korsten, Creative Partner at J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

"Good food and eating well is good for you. We all know that. But it is easier said than done. With this campaign we want to inspire the whole of the Netherlands to do just that. Moreover, we show that it is worthwhile. That beautiful things can happen when you really make the effort."

Okke Wiarda, Brand and Communication Manager at PLUS Supermarkets




AGENCY:                              J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

Creative Partner:                  Bas Korsten

Creative Lead:                      Chris Sant, Dieuwer Bulthuis

Business Lead:                    Budi Gonzalez de Chaves

Strategy Lead:                      Daan de Raaf

Concept Producer:             Charlene Thomas

Screen Producer:                 Kirsten van den Berg


Client:                                    PLUS Supermarkten

Marketing Director:              Peter van Mourik

Brand & Comms Manager:           Okke Wiarda

Brand & Comms Manager: Marjolein Nefkens

Campaign Manager:           Marloes Bras


Production Co:                     Pink Rabbit

Director:                                 Ismael

Producer:                               Mireille Lampe, Monique van Beckhoven,

Floor Schroeijers


Edit:                                        MRTN

Online & grading:                 Captcha

Search & Licensing:            MassiveMusic

Music Production:   MassiveMusic

Sound:                       Studio Alfred Klaassen

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