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'Love Beats Money' - ING Bank and JWT Amsterdam put the value of friendship to the test

Amsterdam, 23 February 2018 - J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam and ING Bank present ‘Love Beats Money’ - a social experiment designed to discover whether people value their friendship or family relationship more than money.


The filmed experiment focuses on a series of duos. People with close ties, who used to have a warm relationship - but who are no longer in touch because of a dispute over money.  Everyone is interviewed separately on camera to discuss the money conflict from their perspective – and how it makes them feel. Afterwards, each person gets to watch the other’s interview showing their side to the story, and they are given the choice: is your friendship or family ties more important than money?  Choose the heart sign if so; or if money is more important, then go for the € sign.


Johan van der Zanden, Head of Communication & Brand Experience ING Netherlands and Belgium:

"Money is more than just a means of payment, it can help you achieve your goals - but it can also put a relationship out of balance. With Love Beats Money we have brought people back in touch with each other and tried to give them some new insights. The couples are now reunited and fortunately they are all happy about this. Of course love is more important than money. We’re aiming to inspire and touch people with this film."


Bas Korsten, Creative Partner J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam:

“We wanted to explore the fact that a conflict about money – even a small amount - can stall a relationship. Love Beats Money seems like a surprising statement coming from a bank, but in fact it fits seamlessly into the brand’s ethos, as ING Bank stands for progress. We are thrilled that our experiment shows that love indeed conquers all. No matter how important we sometimes think money is.”

Watch the video here:




CREATIVES: Amiran Yaghout, Bas Korsten

EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Bas Korsten                                                                               


PRODUCER: Dorine de Wilde                        



ING Nederland: Iris Fokkema, Thijs Jaski, Mirjam Smit, Marc Smulders




DIRECTOR: Susanne Opstal

PRODUCER: Frank de Kok, Wikke van den Burg, Defne Anit

EDITOR: Tim Wijbenga




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