ING. Proud sponsor of the training vests

08 MARCH 2017

ING. Proud sponsor of the training vests.

Over 20 years, ING has been sponsoring Dutch football. From the Dutch national teams to the amateur clubs. ING supports these teams and clubs financially as well as with goods like balls, goals and, not to forget, training vests.

Training vests can be found on every football pitch in The Netherlands. You see them everywhere and they’ve become such an integral part of Dutch football, that we don’t see and value them anymore.

Even though they work so hard. They get smeared, torn, trampled on, every day. In wind and rain. Yes, it’s a tough life to lead, if you’re a training vest.

But every now and then, you have a glorious moment. One day before each match, the Dutch national teams have their final training. The players that receive a training vest during this training, will start in the squad the next day.

You, the training vest, decide who will play for their country. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s worth all the humiliation you’ve endured all year.

ING, as sponsor of Dutch football, understands that. And that’s why we’re so proud of these orange pieces of cloth.

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