J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam launches campaign for Spa mineral water. ‘The Rain Project’ is an ode to the never-ending source of Spa.

New Spa campaign is an ode to rain, nature and the natural purity of the area where Spa water is created.

04 MARCH 2016, AMSTERDAM, 8 MARCH 2016
J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam proudly presents a new digital campaign for Spa mineral water. The campaign, launching today, includes an online film ‘the Rain Project’, supporting video content and a new website. The campaign also introduces the brand’s new visual identity and will be rolled out in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Spa’s natural mineral water originates from the pristine nature surrounding the Belgian town of Spa in the heart of the Ardennes.

In this area, soil and nature work together to transform every drop of rain into one of Europe’s purest mineral waters. It takes an underground journey of years before a raindrop becomes Spa mineral water.

Spa goes to great lengths to protect the region’s nature and purity of its mineral water. The new campaign aims to demonstrate this in an intriguing way.

As ode to the never-ending source of Spa mineral water, J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam created The Rain Project, a short film in which drops of rain turn into beautiful sounds and projections, projected onto the nature in the area of Spa.

After watching the video, viewers are invited to enjoy more in-depth online content explaining the project and the nature in Spa. Or visit the new Spa website and follow the underground journey of a raindrop.

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