Make a video with an Opel Online Edition during a test drive and pay the car with the views you get for your video!

In an online world, views are worth everything. More than that, they’re worth money! Opel, of course, wants their videos to get a lot of attention - especially for the new Opel Online Edition models. So, if you make your own video in, around, or with one of the new Opel Online Edition models, then you can use your YouTube views to buy a brand new Opel Online Edition.

It will take only 589.900 views to get yourself a new Opel Online Edition. Yes, you can really buy a car with your video views! In fact, who knows, your video might break the internet while you’re taking your test drive. Then you’ll never have to return the car…

Opel offers a total of three cars and three accessories, which are "for sale" for YouTube views. You already buy an Opel KARL ROCKS Online Edition for 589.900 views. A CORSA Online Edition for 739.600 views, and an ASTRA Online Edition for only 922.800 YouTube views. Furthermore, a Little ADAM children’s car is priced at 5.160 views, an Opel roof rack 24.200 views and an iPad holder for only 3.000 views.

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